Boost Your Mobile Phone Repairing Business With These Amazing Tools


One of the features that make the latest mobile phones so attractive is also what makes them incredibly fragile is the back glass. If you have a mobile phone repair business, you must’ve known that fixing an iPhone, Samsung, Oppo or any other brand smartphone back glass is a hard job to do and requires effort if the necessary tools aren’t available.

As per a recent study, one mobile phone breaks in every two seconds. Given the increasing number of smartphones with back glass, this really is a serious problem!

Ever wondered why do Phones have back glass?

As we all know, there are innovations in technology every day. The wireless charging feature is one of them. To facilitate wireless charging, the back of the smartphones are now mostly made of glass. We all have seen that the iPhone used to have a metal back in the previous models. However, they couldn’t do that now as the iPhone wouldn’t be suitable for high-speed wireless charging if the back were built with metal and could easily heat up. By the way, it does look very elegant with the glass backs, right?

Why would your business need back glass repairing tools?

As a mobile phone repair business, you need to have professionals and skilled technicians to carry a back glass repair so you can win customers and their trust. Phone Parts has made it more easier for you! We are now offering the best prices on the top class back glass repairing tools available in the market. These back glass tools available on Phone Parts will help you increase your customers, thereby bringing more business, as well as more profit.

Below are some of the must-have back glass repairing tools:

Cold Press Glue For Mobile Phone Frames, Bezel & Back Glass

The cold press glue is used to assure the frames, bezels and back glass stay securely adhered together. It is of the highest quality and suitable for use on glue guns. Ideal for hard jobs such as fixing rear glass, frames and bezels. It is in stock on Phone Parts and is available only for £7.99.

Nasan iPhone Back Glass Repair Tools

The best tool to remove the broken back glass of iPhone safely and professionally, we recommend Nasan iPhone back glass repair tools. This iPhone back glass repair tools set comes with a tweezer, brush, glass blaster, pry knife and several blades which are easy to replace. Phone Parts has this iPhone back glass repairing tool set for£12.99 only.

tool set


Nasan Pressure Holding Mold For iPhone, Samsung & Huawei Back Glass LCD Screen Replacement

Nasan mobile pressure mold is perfect for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and other mobile phone LCD screen front glass replacement. It can do the job for you perfectly by laminating the bezel frame. It is easy to use, supports almost all makes and models of smartphones. You can order the Nasan pressure holding mold for smartphones back glass and LCD screen replacement from Phone Parts only for £23.99.


Nasan NA-LS2 Laser LCD Repair Machine For Battery Cover Separating Back Glass

Nasan NA-LS2 laser LCD repair machine is a perfect solution for mobile phone Midframe/Bezel/Backglass separating. It has an intelligent range system along with simple operation which makes it easy to use. It also supports cloud download software and drawings, which is continuously updated. It is available for immediate delivery only for £1,783.99.

To explore more tools and machines, please visit Or if you are looking for any other mobile phone repairing part, Phone Parts offers the most competitive price in the market.

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