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Phone Parts Ireland Germany


cell phone parts

Phone Parts are the top mobile phone parts wholesale suppliers for Ireland and Germany based in the UK. We offer competitive prices and have an extensive range of quality products in stock to meet our client’s needs right away.

Our range of cell phone parts and accessories include

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We have been serving customers in Ireland from locations like Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Wexford, Belfast, Galway, Newry, and Limerick. You can order us from anywhere in Ireland and get free delivery on orders of £250.


In Germany, we have been serving customers from locations like Munich, Hamburg, Cottbus, Aachen, Wachtberg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Rostock. We also serve other cities in Germany.

cell phone parts

Quality Products and Competitive Prices

We keep a check on the market so that we can offer you competitive prices from the market. At Phone Parts, all the products in stock undergo a quality test so we can continue to grow our reputation of quality products. We also keep offering amazing discounts on various cell phone parts.

Customer Service

The phone Parts team is available to respond to your queries and concerns round the clock. The team works hard and dedicatedly to provide you with an efficient and convenient service. You can contact us by calling +0844 579 6296 or fill the form available on the website. We promise to respond back to your queries within 24 hours. To get your order delivered the very next day, place it before 4:30 PM (UK Time).

cell phone parts

You can also shop for various other mobile phone parts and accessories from Phone Parts.






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