Phone Parts: Top 10 Best Selling Products Of This Month

Top best selling

best selling products

Phone Parts is one of the UK’s topmost mobile phone parts and accessories wholesale suppliers. We have an extensive range of quality products and new products are being added in stock every day. We offer competitive and affordable prices for mobile phone parts and their accessories in the UK and all over the EU.

Check out the top best selling products on our website.

1. Genuine Samsung Note 20 4G

You can get Samsung Note 20 4G LCD Screen and Digitizer only for £149.24.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 LCD Display Screen - Green


2. Genuine Huawei Nova 5T LCD Display Blue

Nova 5T LCD Screens are available in various colors at Phone Parts. Which one do you want?

Nova 5T Blue


3. Genuine Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Battery Back Cover Pink

Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Pink battery back cover at £27.85. It is also available in various colors at the lowest price. Looking for some other Samsung Parts, Click Here.

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S20 G980 Battery Back Cover Cloud Pink



4. iPhone 12 6.7 inches Gel-Case Purple

iPhone 12 was unveiled in October 2020. Get your hands on iPhone 12 gel cases which are available in all three sizes i.e. 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, all in different colours. Phone Parts also has iPhone 12 Anti Burst protective cases, Tempered Glass in stock.

iphone 12 6.1 purple

5. Genuine Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Outer LCD Screen Display Black

The beauty in the series of foldable phones launched in 2020 is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. You can get Samsung Galaxy Z Flip LCD Screens in wholesale at Phone Parts.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip LCD Black GH96-13380A



6. Genuine Samsung Galaxy Tab A Internal Battery

For Other Mobile Phone Batteries, click here.


7. Huawei P40 Anti Burst Protective Case

Phone Parts has Anti-Burst cases for Huawei, iPhones, Samsung, and other mobile brands. Shop today!

Huawei P40 Anti Burst Case


8. Genuine Lenovo Motorola G7 Power XT1955 LCD Screen and Digitizer Black

Lenovo, Motorola Moto LCD Screens are in stock. To learn more about Moto LCDs Click Here.

Genuine Lenovo Motorola G7 Power XT1955 LCD Screen and Digitizer Black

9. 6 Port USB Charger With Digital Display

This 6 Port USB Charger is a must-have. Buy it now!

6-Port USB Charger With Digital Display SS-3040D


10. Genuine OnePlus 8 LCD Display Onyx Black

Looking for a One Plus 8 LCD? We got you covered, get it for £214.91 in wholesale. If you are looking for other OnePlus LCD Screens  Click Here.

Oneplus 8 LCD Glacial Green 2011100173


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